Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sierra Nevada Porter, a 'flimsy' stout?

My Word thesauras defines 'stout' as being (in the sturdy meaning) strong, solid, substantial, tough, robust and heavy-duty.The opposite, of course, being flimsy.

The reason I looked it up was to get my head around stout and porter. I read somewhere that stout came from 'extra stout porter' so I presume that the discriptive of stout on a beer means it will be a stronger, more solid, more substantial, tougher, more robust and heavier-duty version of porter. Consequientialy, if you've grown up on stout then porter is a flimsy stout. QED.


Ok it's not that simple but if my theory is right then that's a good way of getting your head around it.

Sierra Nevada Porter jumped off the shelf with it's retro label, Celtic knot effect and bright blue label. I presume it's a case of 'If it ain't broke don't fix it!' Clearly these are people who don't spend masses on marketing therefore the beer must be good.

And by golly it wasn't bad. It tasted like, well light stout? I got a nice roast coffee bitterness, not espresso coffee maybe more like a french roast. This was a tasty beer, light as I say but not watery at all just full of falvour. I thought of all those people who say that they can't drink stout when the weather is too warm (which smacks of lack of perseverance in my opinion) and thought, hey, they could drink this. It's a warm weather stout.

The Verdict.

Good stuff alright. Won't blow your mind but it won't disappoint.

Sierra Nevada Porter - 12fl. oz.! - 5.6% alcohol.

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