Sunday, 7 September 2008

Leffe Blonde

This is another beer that I sampled first when I knew I was going to Belgium. At the moment it seems to be everywhere. No doubt thanks to the good people at InBev, god bless them one and all.
As I mentioned when I reviewed Leffe Bruin, there seems to be a bit of snobbery about Leffe in some circles but it's still one of my favourites. It's like a lighter version of the Bruin so I think that the herby-spicy-fruity taste comes out better. It's a tasty beer that I think would be a good starter beer for a novice. It was for me anyway.
Would I buy it again?
Yes, I always have a stock of it to help convert the pagans.
Leffe Blonde - 33cl - 6.6% alcohol
Available everywhere!

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