Friday, 26 September 2008

Coopers Best Extra Stout, Something's Burning.....

This is my third Coopers Beer and I've given mixed reviews on them. I discussed Stout vs Porter here and I think this compounds the thoughts I had there.
Best Extra Stout conjures up a strong, full flavoured beer with plenty of body but this fell short of the mark. Its a fine beer I guess but it's nothing special. The taste was burnt, and not in a nice way. It reminded me of something but I can't place it. I could also taste the alcohol and a bitterness, which wasn't balanced with the flavour, which was a bit bland.
I've just figured what the burnt taste is. Burnt bananas!
The Verdict
It's an ok beer but nothing special.
Coopers Best Extra Stout - 37.5cl - 6.3% alcohol - Australia

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