Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

After the Boston Ale from the same brewery I was hoping that their Lager would be equally as good. Pouring it into the glass it all looked promising as the colour was nice and dark, for a lager.

Then came the tasting and, ye, it's good. In a strange way it didn't seem like a lager at all, maybe more like a mild, sour ale. Mind you this could be my novice mind and taste buds talking. Still, even the bubbles seemed fine and more ale like. Does that make sense?

Anyway, it's a good one. Nice smooth taste with just a bit of bitterness to let you know that your drinking it.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, definitely. Would be good for encouraging Bud and Miller, etc. drinkers to try something new.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager - 35.5cl - 4.8% alcohol

Available from supermarkets and others.


Alistair Reece said...

I always find drinking Sam Adams Boston Lager is likey taking a mouthful of Pilsner Urquell and Budvar at the same time - I like it!

Liam said...

Sorry for the delay!
Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I had seen it around a lot but never tried it. Imagine I used to drink Miller! The shame.....

Brian said...

This is definetely a good gate way beer here in the US to get bud drinkers to try something a bit more flavorful (also, just fyi, Sam Adams is now the largest US Brewer after the Imbev purchase of Bud).

Great sight, looking forward to more beer reviews! Cheers! Brian

Alistair Reece said...

beer novice, there are worse things in life than Miller though none come to mind right now ;) Pretty much anything you can get your hands on from Sam Adams is worth drinking. When I went to the USA last year for the first time Sam Adams was my first beer after a 12 hour flight - perfect refreshment.

Liam said...

Yeah, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more Sam Adams gear. Will keep you posted on my progress. As far as worse thinks than Miller have you ever tried Bud Light!
Like the site Brian.