Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Laziness of the Part Time Blogger

It's a while since I've been here. This has been down to laziness mostly, or the issue of not wanting to write when I had the time and not having the time when I wanted to write.

Because of this I've missed out posting about a few things so here's a catch-up on some of the things I should have blogged about.

  • The coffee and mozzarella breakfast ciabatta in La Corte
  • Dodgy cigarette sellers and raw meet on Moore Street
  • My friend exclaiming 'I love Gonzo!' in The Norseman (He might have meant the beer. I hope)
  • Trouble Brewing Vietnow in P. Mac's
  • Narnia-esque journey to toilets in P. Mac's
  • Excellent Almond '22 Pink IPA - among others - at Italian Quarter Beer Festival
All in Dublin in November


  • Goatsbridge smoked trout blini
  • Quail eggs with caraway and sesame seed salt
  • Frostbitten fingers from rooting through geese in a freezer
  • Mini sweet pepper frittata
  • Chestnut, cranberry and mushroom loaf made for Christmas dinner for scaldy vegetarian niece
  • Inspired - if accidental - pairing of Rogue Voodoo Pretzel, Raspberry and Chocolate Ale with Christmas trifle
  • Goose rillette on toast
In December mostly at home.


  • Being told that Black's BIPA was a new porter in O'Neill's
  • Gorgeous Brew by Numbers 03|03 Porter in Against the Grain
  • Burguers on O'Connell Street!
  • Alfie Byrne's curious table

  • Asking a blind person to pass the salt in Porterhouse Central
  • Whisk(e)y range in Bowes
  • Weird urinal in Bowes
  • White Hag Black Boar in Brew Dock
  • Sign in Brew Dock (see top of post)
  • Crisp sandwich discussion on Dublin-Waterford train

All in Dublin in January

So, there you have it. Consider yourselves caught up.

Any questions?