Sunday, 8 February 2015

Recipe - Quail Eggs with Spice-Salt Dip

I'm often looking for something different to serve and pair with beer. Quite often it's just something quick, easy and simple, especially when I decide to hold an impromptu beer night at late notice.

I had seen quail eggs in my local butcher a few time but had always passed over them, thinking them too fiddly and uninteresting to bother with, but on a whim before Christmas I picked up some and decided to experiment with ways to serve them. The simplest recipes I came across involved just boiling them and then serving them with a dipping salt. After a bit of trial and error I settled on the following recipe.

Quail Eggs with Caraway, Sesame Seed and Salt Dip:

10 Quail Eggs
1 tsp of Sesame Seeds
1/2 tsp of Caraway Seeds
1/2 tsp of Course Sea Salt

Toast the sesame seeds in a pan until they start to turn brown, add them to a mortar and pestle with the caraway and salt and grind to fine-ish powder.

Place the quail eggs in a saucepan of cold water and bring to the boil. Boil for 2 minutes and then place in cold water until chilled.

That's it!

Either peel the eggs before serving or peel them as you eat them. Use the salt sparingly and feel free to change quantities to suit you palate.

Experiment with different spices too or if your feeling super lazy just use celery salt.

By the way, this dip works well with strong Cheddar cheese types too.

Smoked beers seem to pair best with this, I've had it with smoked porter and think it would also work well with smoked German beers.