Monday, 29 September 2008

Chimay Triple (Blanc)

I had already tried the Red and the Blue from Chimay and so far had preferred the blue. I knew I would be in for a treat with the White and i wasn't disappointed. Well, not to much anyway.
The first thing you notice is the smooth, silky texture of the beer. Next thing I noticed was the alcohol. At 8% it is relatively high and to my palate is slightly, just slightly, over powering. the flavours I got were big, strong, citrusy and tasty. This was quite sweet too, which helped to bring all the tastes together. Nice rich colour too.
This is a good beer. No doubt.
But I'm not sure that it's my favourite. The whole effect was a bit too over powering for me. Perhaps it's my beginners palate but I think I prefer the Blue.
Mind you, I guess that's why there's a choice of Chimays. Everyone has their own favourite.
The Verdict.
A great beer. Do i prefer the Blue? I might have to do some more research.......
Chimay Triple (White, Blanc, Blanche) - 33cl - 8% alcohol - Belgium

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