Thursday, 18 September 2008

Guinness Foreign Extra

Ok, I can hear the groaning from here. 'Why is talking about Guinness, sure that's shockin' stuff.' But fair is fair, I'm willing to give most things a shot. Anyway, this isn't Guinness it's Guinness Foreign Extra!
I have to say I liked it. I didn't put it in the fridge, which probably helped and the fact that I drink/drank Guinness in the pub(and Miller at home. Not any more!) so I could appreciate the difference.
This was smooth, really smooth with a nice big bite. Not too smokey and just a bit bitter. Maybe it's because I thought it might be a bit crap as I had become disillusioned with keg Guinness in pubs, I'm not sure. 
The Verdict
Surprisingly good?!
Guinness Foreign Extra - 33cl - 7.5% alcohol


The Beer Nut said...

Oh it's a very different animal to the mainstream Guinness products -- much closer to Guinness as it was a century ago.

If you can get hold of the Special Export stout, either in a beer specialist here or in most any supermarket in Belgium, it's even better.

Liam said...

Sounds like another for the ever increasing list your giving me! Keep them coming.