Saturday, 27 September 2008

Home Brew 9

I finally bottled my beer this week.

My first ever batch!

It seemed to have stopped fermenting even though the SG was a bit high at 1.018. I took some advice from the guys at Irish Craft Brewer and decided to bottle anyway. the colour and smell were much more intense than I thought they would be but it certainly resembled beer. As per the instructions, I added 90 grams of sugar dissolved in a little boiled water, which I let cool.

I had sterilised the bottles and equipment so next I rinsed the bottles well. I used a stash of brown Grolsch flip-top bottles that I had kept from a different life a few years back.

The bottling went well and quickly and I soon had twenty-two 45cl bottles of Brewferm Grand Cru ready for conditioning. I had a little left over so I put it into a green Grolsch to keep it separate. (For some reason green export bottles are 50cl and brown domestic are 45cl) Hopefully I will try this in a week or so to see what it's like. Brewferm recommend letting the brew condition for 6-8 weeks before tasting. I'm not a patient man.....

I will look at the The Homebrew Company website over the weekend and see what I want to try next. Might get two more kits under my belt before I try and extract or similar.

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