Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Schneider Aventinus - My Faith Restored....For Now

I had picked up a bottle of this with the Ayinger Doppelbock that I had a couple of weeks ago. I was a little scared of it after the Ayinger until The Beer Nut and Adeptus eased my worries.

I'm glad they did.

This is a gorgeous beer and means that I might try other Doppelbocks in future. Although it might be hard to top this one.

It was smooth and slightly sweet and left a tingle on my tongue. It had a nice maltiness with no trace of bitterness. The alcohol content is 8.2% but there is little sense of the strength because it blends so well with the flavours. This is good stuff!

There's a strange fruity taste there too perhaps like a little banana with burnt oranges, I'm not sure. What a smooth tasty beer, not to mention a decent size bottle. Not good stuff, great stuff!

The Verdict

A great beer. This goes in high on my list.

Schneider Aventinus - 50cl - 8.2% alcohol - Germany


The Beer Nut said...

No, that's it: you're now officially ruined for doppelbocks. Paulaner Salvator is worth trying, but I don't think anything has the beatings of Aventinus.

We're lucky to have it, too. When Eurobeers collapsed last year it disappeared from the market for a while.

Barry M said...

Technically it's a Weizen Doppelbock, or Doppelweizenbock, or whatever. I can't recall trying another one of that type, apart from the Hacker-Pschorr Weizen Bock perhaps, but it may be one reason why it stands out as a classic, being a little different to the "regular" doppelbocks. A tad smoother perhaps?

I haven't had one in ages... I'll have to do a comparison with a few doppelbocks. Maybe not all in one night though!

Liam said...

Beer Nut-
Bought it cheap in Kilkenny cos it was out of date. Should have bought the lot!

Thanks for the info. It was VERY smooth and silky.......God, I'd love another!
Might have to have something else right now.