Sunday, 5 October 2008

Peroni Nastro Azzuro - Memories are made of this....

I was fully preparing to my usual bit about this one when I realised something. Sometimes it's not about the taste, it's not about the flavour, it's not about how it looks. None of that is important.
It goes deeper than that.
One of the first holidays we ever went on was to Sorrento many years ago. It was one of the places I had always wanted to visit. It was a great holiday and we have a lot of fantastic memories about it. 
Back then, I was not to pushed about beer. I just saw it as a thirst quencher that gave me a nice buzz. Nothing more nothing less. More often than not, in restaurants I'd have wine not beer but would often have one beer at the start of the night.
One night, before we went for our meal, we went for a drink in a bar at the top of our hotel. The bar had a narrow balcony with spectacular views over to Vesuvius and the island of Ischia in the distance. We both asked for a beer and the waiter arrived back with two Nastro Azzuro and we sat quietly drinking and nibbling on the snacks. It was a perfect evening. The lights started to appear along the coast like twinkling stars and a light breeze came up from the sea to cool us down. We were in a perfect place.
I have had the same beer many times since in Italy as we continued our love affair with the country. Now, every time I have it, whether in an Italian restaurant or at home, my mind 
wanders back to Italy and particularly that evening in Sorrento.
Maybe that's what beer should be about? Reminding us about that perfect holiday, that certain someone or a perfect feeling.
So what about the beer? It's a better than basic lager and it's fine. Nothing special in one way but special to me.
The Verdict?
Need I say more?
Peroni Nastro Azzuro - 33cl - 5.1% alcohol - Italy

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