Friday, 3 October 2008

Flensburger Weizen

I've had mixed feeling about Flensburger beers. The pilsner was good but the keller was a bit ordinary, I felt, so I was open minded about this.
The taste was quite mild compared to other wheat beers but nice in it's own way if a little watery. I thought I got a slight metallic taste from it but ,thankfully, that disappeared after a few tastes. It had an unusual quality, maybe like malty banana?
I know that wheat beers have a proportion of barley in the mix but I couldn't help the feeling that this fell between two stools. Either not enough wheat or not enough barley.
Maybe it was just me.
The Verdict
Not a bad beer my any means but I know there are better ones out there.
Flensburger Weizen - 50cl - 5.1% alcohol - Germany

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