Sunday, 5 October 2008

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil - Get Lubricated

I spotted this on the Harviestoun website after I had the Bitter & Twisted from the same brewery. It sounded the business so I decided to give it a shot when I spotted it in my favourite haunt.
This is marketed as a dark beer as distinct from a stout or a porter but to my taste it's a stout. Mind you, descriptions count for nothing sometimes.
The taste reminded me of dark plain 70% chocolate, even down to the balanced bitterness. It has a wonderful smokey flavour, as distinct from burnt. A lovely creamy taste, tiny bit of spiciness and light carbonation are the other appealing characteristics of this beer.
It's a winner in by book (or blog).
The Verdict
This is one of my favourite 'dark beers'. Very tasty, pity the bottle's not a bit bigger....
Harviestoun Old Engine Oil - 33cl - 6% alcohol - Scotland

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