Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Shepherd Neame Spitfire

To be honest, I wasn't overly hopeful that I'd like this one. My previous exploits with SN have bean only so-so so I expected more of the same. Oh well, here we go.....
Hey, this isn't to bad. It's not to bitter, which is good, with just a nice sour orangey tang. A bit like good marmalade. Also there seemed to be more to it than the others, perhaps a bit more depth and character. It also has a nice mellow aftertaste, no tartness.
So at last I have found an offering from SN that I like! I'm not sure that there was anything wrong with the others to be honest. Perhaps they got me on a bad day!
The Verdict
A nice beer with plenty of character. I'd have it again.
Shepherd Neame Spitfire - 50cl - 4.5% alcohol - England

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Alistair Reece said...

Whatever you do, don't have the Spitfire Smooth if ever you see it, it will simply disappoint you and as you say, Spitfire is a nice tasty beer.