Thursday, 4 December 2008

Fuller's Golden Pride - AKA Liquid Christmas Pudding

Have to sort out my bag for Düsseldorf so I'll keep this short and sweet.
This is an intense beer. I think I read somewhere that it's categorised (I hate that term) as a Barley Wine. I guess it has a sherry like quality.
Sweet, Malty, Treacle-like taste.
You can sense the alcohol level and the buzz from it.
Lovely light carbonation.
The Verdict
Not bad you know. Nice beer for a cold evening in front of the fire, sharing it and the love of a good woman.
In equal quantities.
Told you it would be short!
Fuller's Golden Pride - 50cl - 8.5% alcohol - England


The Beer Nut said...

sharing it and the love of a good woman
o_O More fun with three, eh?

Liam said...

You have to keep your options open!