Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Morland's 'Hen's Tooth'

I'm still working my way through my stash of beer from my last visit to The Wine Centre in Kilkenny. They're getting scarce now so I better take a spin down to them when I'm back from Germany.
One of the beers I picked up was this one. I'm not really sure why, I think it was perhaps the name more so than the blurb but anyway I have it now.
It has a strange bitter-sweet taste but more bitter than sweet. Does that make sense? I got a burnt toffee flavour coming through after the bitterness.
It's not as smooth as I expected although it did mellow out a bit once I got used to it. I got a syrupy taste coming through towards the end. Couldn't taste anything else really.
Nothing special about it in my opinion although I see from the bottle that it won a silver medal in 2006 from CAMRA so maybe it was just me.
The Verdict
Certainly a strange one. Not really my kind of beer.
Morland's 'Hen's Tooth' - 50cl - 6.5% alcohol - England

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