Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ode to the Alt bearing Kobes

I'm back from Düsseldorf at last
and sad, I am, it's in the past.
Alt is the new love of my life.
(Just please, please don't tell the wife.)
The Alt, I tried in many places,
from Kobes full of airs and graces.
Some were surly, some were mean,
and some were really not to keen
to give me some of that amber brew
even though I felt it was my due.
(I'd braved the weather and the crowds
and avoided 'Hooter's', wasn't I proud?
I battled with the language too
and got raw pork instead of stew.)
They made me feel it was my fault
(The Kobes, I mean, not the Alt)
for daring to sit in their hallowed place.
I guess it wasn't always the case
As some were pleasant, even nice.
(Well that's what happened once or twice.)
But I forgive them all  their lack of cheer
for giving me such food and beer
and I'd raise to them a glass of Alt
If only I had one but I have nowt.

1 comment:

Alistair Reece said...

Alt is indeed a wonderful beer! Certainly one of my favourites, and one that when I am full swing into the homebrwe next year will be making more than the occassional appearance. Alt uber alles!