Sunday, 24 August 2008

Flensburger Kellerbier

I came across this one in The Wine Centre in Kilkenny. I went there because I remembered from previous visits for wine and whiskey that the had a good selection of beers. the had a range of Flensburger beers and this one had a Bioland organic symbol on the label. I often find that apart from veg and fruit, many products labelled 'organic' can be disappointing to say the least. sadly this proved to be the case.

Certainly appearance wise it looks cool with it's swing-top cap looking very like a mini Grolsch bottle. I guess I had been expecting a strong, full flavour but what I got was a slightly weak, washed out taste. Dare I say it reminded me of Miller or similar!? It's probably more to do with the style of beer than the fact it was organic but it would make me wary of organic in future.

Having said all that, it wasn't dreadful or anything it was just mediocre. It certainly would not inspire you.

Would I buy it again?

No. It just wasn't to my taste. Too watery!

Flensburger Kellerbier - 33cl - 4.8% alcohol

Available from: The Wine Centre, Kilkenny.

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