Sunday, 24 August 2008


Ok, this is a bit weird. A beer called Desperado that's flavoured with tequila therefore it must be Mexican. No? Maybe American, Texan possibly. Ah, no. Believe it or not it's french and no, I don't get it either.

Seemingly this is popular in France and much of Europe. Indeed I remember seeing it in Brussels but didn't pay it much attention. I guess some guy came up with the idea of serving a beer and a tequila chaser in the one bottle. Clever? Maybe not.

I spotted this, again, in The Wine Centre in Kilkenny and decided to have a punt. I have to say I can't make it out. Admittedly I can see it selling in bars in Ireland if launched, especially with a clever marketing campaign.

It tastes exactly as you think it would. Like a cheap beer with tequila and some lemon or lime derivative. I have checked the ingredients and it contains 'Aromatic Compounds' of which 75% is Tequila but I wonder what the other 25% is?. It also contains 'Hop Extract' which smacks of an attempt to make it taste like beer when the over did the Tequila. We also have Glucose Syrup and Sugar, I presume these were added for the fermentation process but it doesn't mention Yeast so.......

As I say, as a clever marketing ploy it's a winner but as a drinkable beer it's not my taste. Having said that, a bit like driving in Italy, it's probably something everyone should experience once so maybe give it a try.

Would I buy it again?

Maybe for the novelty factor for someone else but probably not for myself.

Desperado - 33cl - 5.9% alcohol

Available from The Wine Centre, Kilkenny.

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