Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tasteless Stuff

Poor me.
I've had a cold for the last week or so, which isn't an issue in its self. The problem is I've lost my sense of taste. Now many would say I had very little taste anyway but it's no laughing matter.
No Really.
I have a stack of beer to taste and review that I have been looking forward to for ages now and I dare not try them. Worst of all my own first homebrew is ready and I have waited patiently for 6 weeks plus as recommended and now I can't try it! I sampled it not long after it was bottled but I wanted to leave it a while before doing a proper tasting and review.
Who would have thought a bit of a cold would be such a disaster to my new hobby/lifestyle/way-of-life.
When I say I can't taste anything, I mean ANYTHING. I made a mustard and sausage sambo today to try to get it going and I could not taste the mustard. I tried chili and all I got was a stinging in the back of my throat. Nothing else. 
Pickled ginger you say? No joy.
I'm really pi**ed about it!
I was meant to be going to Bruges this weekend for a beer festival but changed my mind thank god. Imagine being there in this state!
I am off to Dusseldorf in early December so I hope I'm OK by then. Looking forward to trying the Alt!
Any ideas on what to do about the taste thing?


Barry M said...

A wire brush and dettol :D

Or do what I do and dose yourself with doppelbocks ;)

Liam said...

As long as it's not Celebrator. I think I'd prefer the Dettol!

(I remember that joke now.)