Monday, 3 November 2008

Galway and The Great Irish Beer Festival - Part 5

We arrived at the Bierhaus and again the joint was jumping. It was fairly full but not packed so there was plenty of room to move about. We split up a bit and ordered our drinks. I had a Weissbier which I was told I couldn’t have on draught as it would take too long so I was given a bottle instead! Strange, the place wasn’t that busy but I didn’t grumble.

We wandered around to find a place to chat without getting our heads blown off by the DJ. It was quite loud no matter where we went so one of our group asked if they could turn down the music a tad as everyone was shouting and trying to be heard above the din, not just our group. The guy behind the bar suggested that, and I quote, ‘If you don’t like the music you can go somewhere else’ and gave us a dismissive gesture. I was a bit shocked by this, although I don’t know why, poor service and surly behaviour seems to be the norm in many places now. He could have just said that it was out of his control, it was up to the DJ, suggest a quieter corner, whatever.

Maybe we ARE getting old.

Needless to say we took his advice. We wandered down to Salt House to check it out and we were pleasantly surprised. It’s a smallish place but they seemed to have as good a range of beers as the Bierhaus. It was much quieter and the staff certainly had less attitude. By this stage I was a bit too worn out to take note of the beer list but my draught Budvar was excellent. 

We finished the night there and headed back to the hotel, regretting the fact that Sheridan’s was closed.


Alistair Reece said...

I may be entirely biased here, living in the Czech republic and all, but to my mind there are few finer lagers than a draught Budvar. Of the mass produced Czech lagers it is the only one I willingly drink, it is lovely, lovely stuff - especially the 12 degree one. I just hope that when it is privatised (boo-hiss!) that it is bought by sensitive owners.

Barry M said...

It seems that the Bierhaus is following in the footsteps of the Porterhouse with lousy staff with attitude. Between not giving you what you want because it "takes too long" and basically telling you to piss off, the management should learna lesson and sort this kind of crap out.

And no, we're not getting too old. I like to be able to talk with my pint, not switch into a talk-free zone where all there is left is to chug pints. I can't heolp thinking that is why music gets so loud in some pbars. Less talk, more drink sold. Ok, maybe I am getting too old... :D

Liam said...

We might get a deal on buying Zimmer Frames in bulk!;)

Magneto said...

Why is it people think they can open a bar, be abusive to their customers and get away with it? Feedback from actual punters is a very valuable resource, ignore it at your peril. I thoroughly agree on the Salt House too, have been there a few times, it's run by the same guys who run 'The Cottage' bars in lower Salthill and Moycullen (also simple and excellent) and they seem to have gotten it just right! A+ lads!