Tuesday 18 June 2024


Sat in Silence, all alone
In the darkened bar.
No wise words to say.
Thoughts closing, from afar,
No ears to listen anyway.

All quiet, except for Him.
A hum. A sigh. A clink.
Flows fast into the glass.
Left down, but not to drink,
Not yet, he lets time pass.

Wet circles on Old wood.
Drooped shoulders shake now.
A worn-out hand’s embrace
Of Glass Is calming somehow.
Raised high as if in Grace.

Lips licked and eyes shut
That first taste, shocked,
New tears squeezed out.
Old memories unblocked,
Shaking, a breached Redoubt.

Gone. Passed. Left. Parted.
An empty stool, seat cold,
But pulled close, just in case.
He sits there fighting old,
Lost in Sorrow’s harsh embrace.

Liam K

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