Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Beer History: Strength of Liquors - 1837

STRENGTH OF LIQUORS - The liquor which contains most of the pure spirit of alcohol is Scotch whiskey [sic], being upwards of fifty-four per cent. Contrary to what is generally supposed, the proportion of alcohol in rum is greater than that contained in brandy; the former being 53.68 and the latter 53.39. the next liquor in order of strength is gin, which contains about fifty-one and a half percent of alcohol. Port and Madeira contain much about the same quantity, namely, twenty-two per cent. Cider contains nearly twice as much as London porter, being 7.54 to 4.20; brown stout and Scotch ale contain  each about six and a half; while Burton ale can boast of nearly nine per cent.

{The Carlow Sentinel - 1837 via the local studies room, Carlow library}

Here's an interesting list of the alcohol levels of various beverages from 1837, although unfortunately it gives no reference as to where the original information came from...

It also hasn't referenced exactly whose beverages were measured but it seems to have been lifted from an English report give the mentions of London and Burton.

Nevertheless I thought I should put it up on the Blog as a point of discussion if nothing else!


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