Sunday, 7 September 2008

Kriek Boon 2006

This is another one I tried in Brussels. We had it on tap at the start of a good night so when I spotted it in Kilkenny in a bottle I thought I'd get it for Mrs Beer Novice. Not that it's a lady's drink mind, I just thought she might like it. I was right.
This is a blend of Lambic beers with cherries added during the brewing process. I visited a brewery where they make a similar beer while in Belgium, about which I'll blog another time. It's certainly an unusual process.
I managed to get a taste by prying it from the hands of Mrs BN and I must admit, it was really good. It wasn't to sweet and cloying just a nice tasty drink, Ideal as a summer drink or for an aperitif. Not to bubbly, more like a Prosecco than a Champagne. I wonder would it replace Alcopops in the bars? Mind you I think that after three or four it could become a bit sickly. Still, might be worth it....
Would I buy it again?
Yes. One (or two) for me and one for herself
Lambic Boon 2006 - 37.5cl - 4% alcohol
Available from The Wine Centre, Kilkenny

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