Friday, 3 October 2008

Timmermans Framboise Lambic - Berry Good?

This was another one I picked up for the missus. Not that I'm insinuating it's a lady's drink but she enjoyed the Kriek I got her before.

I didn't get much of a look in but I got a quick taste.It was a little sweet for me but was certainly tasty. I felt the raspberries overpowered the lambic a little but that's just a question of taste. It was a little gassier than the Kriek but not too much. Timmermans do a Kriek too so will pick that up next time.

Who knows, I might get more than a sip of that one.

The Verdict

Nice and tasty. A hit with the Missus.

Timmermans Framboise Lambic - 33cl - 4% alcohol - Belgium

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