Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Lazy Old Me

I was going to spin some yarn about how I have been to busy to Blog over the last few weeks but the truth is I just couldn't be bothered!
Well that's not strictly true I guess, I was very busy before Christmas and with New Year entertaining and my daughter's Christening last weekend things have been hectic.
But I could have found time to write. It's just laziness really.
I think perhaps that I kept thinking about how I had to write something about D├╝sseldorf and where to start and what to say. Not that I find it hard to write as an exercise in it's self but I feel that there's more than a Blog or ICB article in it so I'm letting the whole thing sit for a while. Let my brain sort it out.
I will opinion some beers soon though!


Alistair Reece said...

Looking forward to your comments, am hoping to find time and spare cash to get to Dusseldorf myself this year - want the Schumacher Alt in situ!

Whorst said...

Please remove blog, or rename it "My Life as a Basket Weaver." Being that everyone and their mother think it's necessary to have a beer blog, you've been singled out to remove yours. Why people like yourself think that I could give a shit what your opinions are regarding the subject of beer is mind blowing. You are not Michael Jackson, or The Master of Ale.

Liam said...

Now who's this Gobshite.

I've seen him posting elsewhere and he comes across as a little boy jumping up and down shouting 'Look at me I'm controversial.... LOOK AT ME!!!!!!'

Mind you, any one who calls themselves a 'culinary artist' must be completely up his own bottom.
Thanks for inspiring me to do some more!!!!!!
My first negative comment! Wohoo, I've finally cracked it!