Friday, 9 January 2009

Home Brew Finally!

I must admit that I was suffering a bit from beer fatigue until I got a comment on my last post which has given me a new lease of life. Wiener (or whatever his name is) has stirred me into action at last. Thanks bud! 
My home brew has been sitting patiently in it's bottles for the last few months and the last time I tried it I felt it was a little harsh and just tasted of smoked bananas steeped in alcohol. 
Strangely, that's not as appealing as it sounds.
So I gave it another couple of weeks and I am drinking one now. You know what? It's not too bad.
It's quite a strong flavour with a gingery, biscuity, banana taste. It's got perhaps a hint of cloves too. It has nice soft carbonation and is keeping it's head very well. I remember working out the approx alcohol level and it was about 8%, I think.
Now you wouldn't really drink a load of it but a bottle of two would be ok I think. Mind you I'm biased. I'm quite proud of it really. Especially as it's just from a kit and it's my first.
It's a Brewferm Grand Cru and if you look up my previous posts on Home Brew then you'll see how it progressed.
Anyway, I'm back!
The Verdict
Brewferm Grand Cru Kit - 45cl - 8% alcohol (approx) - Belgian-Irish co-production

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Brian said...

Good to hear you enjoyed your first kit brew, mine was ok, but I hope it improves. Delicate balance carbonation-wise, but it's a reasonably rewarding process, innit? Start another?