Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Perry's of Rathdowney's N.D. Pale Ale - Clear Innovation

In 1900 Robert Perry & Son Brewery in Rathdowney in Co. Laois - then Queen's County - were advertising an ale that contained none of the usual sediment associated with bottle conditioned beers. It is claimed that they were the first brewery in Britain or Ireland to do so, but I have no proof apart from a comment behind a paywall - and seemingly there was another in 1899 (I can't confirm when Perry's started production.) according to this Zythophile article here.

It was a pale ale and served in clear glass, screw stoppered bottles if illustrations I've come across of said bottle are to be believed. Were these force carbonated in some way? I'm not sure but Sierra Nevada bottle/can-condition their Pale Ale and there is virtually no sediment from what I remember - perhaps they use a similar process?

Anyhow, certainly something of interest and definitely a first for this country - and once again the ubiquitous Charles Cameron gives is opinion ... 


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