Thursday, 22 November 2018

Beer History Kilkenny: James's Street Breweries - Sullivan's Selection...


Back on the 6th February this year I posted this Tweet as a follow up to a post I did about Smithwicks...

'... not wishing to leave the reincarnation of @SullivansBrewCo out, here's an advert from 1895. A Sullivan's Pale Butt is probably out of the question but how about a rebrew of a Double Stout?'

Kilkenny People - 1895,

If nothing else it's nice to remind people yet again that the brewing history of Kilkenny doesn't just involve red ales, and worth posting permanently here for those researching the city's brewing history. I have more information on James's Street Breweries and a couple of its neighbours that I'll try and compile into an original and longer post soon...ish.

In the meantime here's another advert...

Waterford News and Star - 1870

Although I can't guarantee that Sullivan's solicit sample orders anymore ... but who knows?

Oh, and regarding the original Tweet, they did brew a single stout recently...


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