Wednesday, 11 January 2017

History: Then as Now ... 'Go it like Bricks!'

'Rules for the Behaviour of Young People at Table - Always wipe your mouth with the tablecloth for that must be soiled at all events, and will save your host's napkins, or your pocket handkerchief. Never speak not unless your mouth be full. If you begin to relate an anecdote of piece of news, be sure to stop in the middle of every sentence and take a mouthful of food, which you must then thoroughly masticate before you can finish the sentence, because it affords an opportunity to scan well in their minds what you have previously uttered, and they can be thus well prepared for the concluding part, and will be enabled to digest the subject matter under discussion while you are digesting your food. Champ whatever you eat making as much noise as possible; it will show you relish and are pleased with what you are eating. Always begin to speak before another has finished what he or she has to say, as it will seem to show the quickness of your perception in being able to understand a thing before it is uttered, and give the company a great opinion of your good breeding. The employment of fashionable and cant phrases gives grace to conversation - such as, 'that's your sort,' 'keep moving,' 'what's to pay,' 'I owe you one,' 'go it like bricks,' 'hookey,' 'how's your mother,' &c. Be sure on leaving a room to turn your back on the company, and if the door be open when you go out don't fail to leave it open.
A true sort of Christian can never be disappointed if he doth not receive his reward in this world; the labourer might as well complain that he is not paid his hire in the middle of the day.'- Fielding.

[Carlow Sentinel – 1842 via Carlow Library Local Studies Room]

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