Sunday, 10 May 2015

Recipe: Pretzel? Logic...

Food should be simple sometimes...

While contemplating what to have for lunch, I spotted a lone pretzel sitting in its bag beside the toaster. It was a leftover from a beer tasting night and was a tiny bit stale but I couldn't leave it there, as they are too nice to consign to the freezer for making stuffing - although great for that too.

I hate waste, especially in food, and love to combine a few stray, leftover ingredients together to make a meal. So out came some cheese, leftover pork, a little butter and my magic ingredient - caraway seed!

Poor caraway... sometimes mistaken for its cousins cumin and fennel and often just ignored on both the supermarket shelf and in the cupboard. I first came across it in any meaningful way in Uerige Braurieri in Düsseldorf, served with beer marinated Mainzer cheese and a rye roll with a a little butter. And once you've tasted caraway you will never mistake it for anything else. It's great with cheese or pork, as a pickling spice, or in bread.

Anyway, I'll revisit that in a future blog but for now it's back to lunch...

It was easy-peasy to make after that, slice the pretzel carefully to split it in two, scrape on some butter, put on some chopped pork, a few thin slices of cheese and finally sprinkle with the caraway seeds. 10 mins or so under the grill - carefully watched - and lunch is ready.

Served with a nice beer - and a blob of mustard - of course!

Keep it simple. It's logic really.

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